Porter Rockwell – Bodyguard, Mountain Man, Pioneer, Friend

EARLY LIFE In 1817, due to several years of crop failure, the Rockwell family sold their farm in Massachusetts and moved to upstate New York. They settled near the town of Palmyra about a mile away from the Joseph Smith

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Hidden Treasures in Palmyra

For Latter-day Saints there are many things to see in Palmyra, NY, such as the Joseph Smith Farm, the Sacred Grove and the Hill Cumorah. When Mormon families make the trek east they make their list and see them all.

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In Their Own Language

The following was posted in October, 2014. It has been updated to more accurately reflect 2015.   On Saturday morning, October 4, 2014, when Elder Chi Hong “Sam” Wong delivered his General Conference address in his native Cantonese, he did

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A Life Forgotten

Alan Turing was a genius. He was a mathematician. He was a code breaker, a war hero, the father of the computer, the brain behind every desktop and hand-held device we have today. Alan Turing was a homosexual. That last

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Why It’s a Big Deal — When Conference Speakers Speak in Their Native Language

On Saturday morning, October 4, 2014, when Elder Chi Hong “Sam” Wong delivered his General Conference address in his native Cantonese, he did something that was a much bigger deal than many people realize. To understand why this was such

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Alzheimer’s Disease

  “Tell me about memories. I don’t have them anymore.”                                                                                  — My Angel Mother May 1, 1981 I’m having my first baby any day now. I’m so excited! I’m going to be a mother! I’m so scared! I’m going

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Wholesome Living, Celebration & Gladness of Heart

Several years ago, I attended a lecture by Michael Pollan at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He had been invited by the “Slow Food Utah” organizers and his subject was about the nature of food, our environment, and

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Afternoon Tea & the Word of Wisdom

Brigham Young taught that the Lord revealed the Word of Wisdom to improve the quality of our mortal lives, to make us more effective workers in God’s earthly kingdom, and to help us to fill the full measure of our

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I Love Christmas

I love Christmas! I love everything about it . . .well, almost everything. It is my intention every year to have the time and the peace to enjoy all the things I love most. And that takes planning ahead. And

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Martin Luther

… Priest, Professor, Fugitive, Reformer EARLY LIFE Martin Luther was born in the Fall of 1483 in Saxony, which later became part of the German Empire. His father Hans was a miner and life was difficult economically for the Luthers.

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