Dominion Over the Earth

Dominion Over the Earth
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When the Lord placed Adam on earth, He commanded him to take care of the earth. That is a responsibility we have each inherited. The earth provides everything we need, but it is our job to nurture and protect it.

Environmental issues are a hot political topic in any arena, but no matter what your political leanings, if you believe in God and that he is the creator of heaven and earth, you have to believe that our home is more than simply a planet spinning on its axis. If nothing else, you have to see earth as one of God’s creations, and that should be enough to make you want to do your best to take care of it.


In the winter of 1969-70, Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin developed the idea of a day to bring awareness to environmental problems facing the planet. On April 22, 1970, the first “Earth Day” was observed. A surprisingly large number of people – 20 million – participated across the country. Today over a billion people participate each year. Some attend rallies. Some plant trees. Others clean up rivers and lakes. Whatever the participants do, they are taking seriously the charge from the Lord that we take care of the planet.

There are many things we can do. The important thing is that we each do something, and that we do something on more than just April 22.


  1. Recycling saves trees. In Colonial America, before the expansion West, it was said forests were so thick that a person could walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific on the treetops.  Today 95 percent of those forests have been cut down, and 50% of the world’s forests are gone.
  2. Recycling reduces water pollution.  Turning trees into paper uses more water than any other industrial process in America. Paper recycling mills use much less water and don’t pollute nearly as much. Recycling reduces water pollution.
  3. Recycling reduces the need for incinerators and landfills to deal with discarded paper. This helps reduce air pollution.
  4. Recycling creates jobs and promotes economic development. For every job in a landfill, there are 10 jobs in a recycling facility and 25 jobs in recycling-based manufacturing. Every year Americans generate more than 230 million tons of solid waste. If we recycled 30% of our waste every year, Americans would save the energy equivalent of 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline. This would also reduce the greenhouse gas equivalent of taking 25 million cars off the road. We can all be a little more frugal in what we throw away. Brigham Young was known for saying:


Use it up.

Wear it out.

Make it do,

Or do without.


Obviously some of us can do more than others, but if we each do a little it adds up to a lot. Below are some links to recycling ideas.



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