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We have wandered a long way away from the foods nature provides. Our food has become so processed, manipulated and manufactured it’s hardly recognizable as food; and our bodies certainly don’t recognize it.  We are raising the unhealthiest generation ever.


One very simple rule of thumb for healthy eating is this. If it’s being promoted on TV, don’t eat it. Think about this. When was the last time you saw an ad for vegetables or fruit?  We’re not talking about highly processed orange juice or preservative-packed fruit roll-ups, but simple, untreated, unprocessed, straight-from-nature food.

Recently the American television news program “60 Minutes” reported on a company in Switzerland, which creates chemical additives for food. The words chemical and food in the same sentence should be enough to make you stop and think. This company sends its chemists around the world sniffing and tasting fruits, vegetables and spices. They then return to their labs, don their white coats and proceed to manufacture those smells and tastes. These Frankenflavors are then used by food companies world-wide to flavor sodas, candies, sports drinks, chicken soup, breakfast cereals, and the list goes on and on and on. Pretty much the only things food companies don’t flavor are foods right off the vine.

We know what you’re thinking. If they have found such great smells and flavors in nature, why not use those natural flavors? One of the super-sniffer chemists interviewed by 60 Minutes provided the answer:

      1. Natural smells and flavors are not addictive. A person might eat a granola bar flavored purely with real fruits and grains and be satisfied. But with the chemical additive, he wants another almost immediately. These chemical companies not only admit this, they think it’s a good idea and are proud to be pushers to the world.
      2. You can’t patent nature. No one owns natural foods. By creating their own “food” in a test tube, the company can claim it as intellectual property and make literally billions every year.



There is wonderful instruction in the Word of Wisdom about the good things we should eat. There are also things listed that we should not take into our bodies. But what happens when the line between the healthy and the toxic becomes blurred?  What happens to us when seemingly healthy foods are laced with toxic laboratory creations? The Lord saw this happening and warned us. In the fourth verse of the Word of Wisdom, He said:

“In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days, I have warned you, and forewarn you, by giving unto you this word of wisdom…”

Unfortunately, many harmful things are being included in our food and are being deceptively promoted as healthy.


There are things we should know to eat healthy and avoid harmful chemical additives.

          1. If it comes in a can, a bottle or a box, it’s not nearly as healthy as it would be in nature’s perfect package, some even edible – think apples and potatoes!
          2. This may sound odd, but if it won’t go bad, it isn’t good. A high school science teacher in Blue Hill, Maine has a Twinkie that has been sitting on the chalk tray in his classroom for over 30 years, and it looks pretty much the same. The sad thing is, that Twinkie wasn’t any less harmful right off the shelf than it would be today
          3. If you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably not something you should eat.
          4. If it has a TV ad, avoid it.
          5. If a product lists “Natural flavors”, run! Run and don’t look back. “Natural” is an unregulated term used freely to lure and deceive unknowing consumers. The word “flavor” is also a red flag.
          6. The fewer the ingredients the better. A good rule of thumb is 5 or less recognizable ingredients. This does not mean you’re good to go if the item has only three ingredients: delicious devil’s food cake, creamy filling and yummy frosting.
          7. Stay informed, and help your children and grandchildren be informed.


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Test Tubes photo by: Armin Kübelbeck, Wikimedia commons



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