I Love Christmas

I Love Christmas

I love Christmas! I love everything about it . . .well, almost everything. It is my intention every year to have the time and the peace to enjoy all the things I love most. And that takes planning ahead. And even the planning ahead is joyful! I simply cannot allow myself to get caught up in the frantic pace of the season (that is not joyful to me). I decorate early, shop early, plan meals and parties and activities early, so that I can relax and soak up the joy. For me, this is a month of reflection, gratitude, family, home, beauty, music, friends, peace, serenity, and thinking on Christ and His gifts to us.

Tomorrow is December 1st. And I am ready!!!

• Decorating is complete
• Only a couple of gifts left to buy
• Advent dinners are planned and what can be purchased or made ahead is in the freezer
• Activities with grandchildren are organized and anxiously awaited
• Christmas books and articles are strategically placed in cozy places
• Our collection of Christmas music is already filling the air
• The dining table is covered in Christmas linen with our Advent Kranz (wreath) as the centerpiece. Four candles clipped to its pine branches await the Sabbath evenings when they will each be lit to celebrate the coming birth of our Savior.
• And my living room tea table is set with an heirloom Christmas teapot with cups and saucers, and elegant serving platters for anyone who wants to share in a cup of Christmas Cheer (the herbal tea kind!)

The Italians have a saying: “La vita vera!” It means “the true life” which is
Good food, Good conversation and Everyone around the dinner table together!

I think “la vita vera” extends beyond the dinner table to the tea table! When my visiting teachers or our home teachers come, or relatives or friends drop by unexpectedly, some lovely aromatic herbal teas and Christmas cookies or scones await them! Good food! Good conversation! All around the tea table together!

“Tea beckons us to enjoy quality time with friends and loved ones,
and especially to rediscover the art of relaxed conversation.” — Dorothea Johnson, Tea & Etiquette

A solitary tea is also a welcome delight. A good book, a soft sofa and a warm blanket, a twinkling Christmas tree, a glowing fire, and a cup of warm cinnamony cider. Even alone, I am in good company.

Language . . . has created the word “loneliness”
to express the pain of being alone.
And it has created the word “solitude”
to express the glory of being alone.

Share a cup of kindness this Christmas Season!

Lori Henderson — Producer/Host of Mormon Tea

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