Church History – Audio

Porter Rockwell -- The Man, the Legend
Childhood friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Deputy US Marshal, and mountain man, Porter Rockwell was a legend in his own time. (53:19, Source -- Mormon Channel)
The Fighting Parson
In 1915 professional boxer Willard Bean and his wife Rebecca moved into the Joseph Smith home in Palmyra, NY. This interview is with two of Willard and Rebecca's grandchildren, Vicki Bean Topliff and Rand Packer. (70:04, Source -- Mormon Channel)
Haun's Mill
Dr. Alex Baugh discusses the events that led up to the tragic massacre at Haun's Mill. (29:21, Source -- Mormon Channel)
Voices from the Past
Have you ever wondered what J. Golden Kimball sounded like? Would you like to hear Heber J. Grant sing? (55:00. Source -- Mormon Channel)
Lincoln and the Mormons
Author Ron Anderson discusses Abraham Lincoln and his relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (28:00, Source -- Mormon Channel)
David O. McKay Visits the World
In 1920, Apostle David O. McKay traveled over 60,000 miles, visiting members of the Church around the world. (29:00, Source -- Mormon Channel)
Nauvoo Records
Historian Alex Smith discusses the various records that were kept in Nauvoo. (30:02, Source - The Mormon Channel)