The Doctrine and Covenants – Audio

The Law of Consecration
To consecrate your time and talents means to make them sacred. Historian Steven Harper discusses the law of consecration, how it was lived in the early days of the Church, and how members of the Church live it today. (28:55, Source -- The Mormon Channel)
The United Order
Do you know the difference between the law of consecration and the united order? Historian Steven Harper discusses the united order, its origins, and how it differs from the law of consecration. (28:48, Source - The Mormon Channel) )
Revelations and Sermons
Robert Millett discusses revelations received and sermons delivered in Nauvoo on Past Impressions. (30:54, Source - The Mormon Channel)
Doctrinal Developments
Robert Millett discusses doctrinal developments that came about in Nauvoo. (30:41, Source - The Mormon Channel)