Quotes on Abortion

Abortion, the taking of life, is one of the most grievous of sins.  We have repeatedly affirmed the position of the Church in unalterably opposing all abortions, except in two rare instances:  When conception is the result of forcible rape and when competent medical counsel indicates that a mother’s health would otherwise be seriously jeopardized. – Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, November 1976, p. 4

The woman’s choice for her own body does not validate choice for the body of another.   The expression “terminate the pregnancy” applies literally only to the woman.  The consequence of terminating the fetus therein involves the body and very life of another.  These two individuals have separate brains, separate hearts, and separate circulatory systems.  To pretend that there is no child and no life there is to deny reality. . . . Approximately twenty-two days after the two cells have united, a little heart begins to beat.  At twenty-six days the circulation of blood begins.  Scripture declares that the “life of the flesh is in the blood” (Lev. 17:11). Abortion sheds that innocent blood. – Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, May 1985, p. 13

I thank the Father that His Only Begotten Son did not say in defiant protest at Calvary, “My body is my own!”  I stand in admiration of women today who resist the fashion of abortion, by refusing to make the sacred womb a tomb! – Neal A. Maxwell, Ensign, May 1978, p. 10

Abortion is an ugly thing, a debasing thing, a thing which inevitably brings remorse and sorrow and regret.  While we denounce it, we make allowance in such circumstances as when pregnancy is the result of incest or rape, when the life or health of the mother is judged by competent medical authority to be in serious jeopardy, or when the fetus is known by competent medical authority to have serious defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth. But such instances are rare, and there is only a negligible probability of their occurring.  In these circumstances those who face the question are asked to consult with their local ecclesiastical leaders and to pray in great earnestness, receiving a confirmation through prayer before proceeding. There is a far better way. If there is no prospect of marriage to the man involved, leaving the mother alone, there remains the very welcome option of placing the child for adoption by parents who will love it and care for it.  There are many such couples in good homes who long for a child and cannot have one. – President Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, November 1998, p. 71

Let us remember that those who advocate abortion have already been born!  Those who freely deny God with their amoral and agnostic practices will one day find that He may just as freely deny them!  (See 3rd Nephi 28:34.) – Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, November 1984, p. 31

We cherish life as a gift from Him. . . . With that understanding and reverence for life, we deplore the loss of life associated with warfare.  The data are appalling.  In World War I, more than eight million fatalities occurred.  In World War II, more than 22 million servicemen and women died.  Together, these two wars, covering portions of 14 years, cost the lives of at least 30 million soldiers worldwide.  That figure does not include the millions of civilian casualties. These data, however, are dwarfed by the toll of another war that claims more casualties annually than did World War I and World War II combined.  Worldwide reports indicate that more than 40 million abortions are performed per year. This war called abortion is a war on the defenseless and the voiceless.  It is a war on the unborn.  This war is being waged globally.  Ironically, civilized societies that have generally placed safeguards on human life have now passed laws that sanction this practice. Man-made rules have now legalized that which has been forbidden by God from the dawn of time!  Human reasoning has twisted and transformed absolute truth into sound-bite slogans that promote a practice that is consummately wrong. . . .Yes, a woman is free to choose what she will do with her body.  Whether her choice leads to an astronaut’s mission or to a baby, her choice to begin the journey binds her to the consequences of that choice.  She cannot “unchoose.”. . .Early in his presidency President Spencer W. Kimball (1895-1985) said:  “We have repeatedly affirmed the position of the Church in unalterably opposing all abortions, except in two rare instances.  When conception is the result of forcible rape and when competent medical counsel indicates that a mother’s health would otherwise be seriously jeopardized.”  Current policy now includes two other exceptions – incest and if the baby cannot survive beyond birth, as determined by competent medical counsel.  Even these exceptions do not justify abortion automatically.  It “should be considered only after the persons responsible have consulted with their bishops and received divine confirmation through prayer.” – Russell M. Nelson, “Abortion: An Assault on the Defenseless,” Ensign, October 2008, pp. 32-37

From the perspective of the plan of salvation, one of the most serious abuses of children is to deny them birth.  This is a worldwide trend.  The national birthrate in the United States is the lowest in 25 years, 2 and the birthrates in most European and Asian countries have been below replacement levels for many years.  This is not just a religious issue.  As rising generations diminish in numbers, cultures and even nations are hollowed out and eventually disappear. One cause of the diminishing birthrate is the practice of abortion.  Worldwide, there are estimated to be more than 40 million abortions per year.  Many laws permit or even promote abortion, but to us this is a great evil.  Other abuses of children that occur during pregnancy are the fetal impairments that result from the mother’s inadequate nutrition or drug use. There is a tragic irony in the multitude of children eliminated or injured before birth while throngs of infertile couples long for and seek babies to adopt. – Elder Dallin H. Oaks, “Protect the Children,” Ensign, Nov. 2012