Quotes on War, Armageddon

To our young men who go into service, no matter whom they serve or where, we say live clean, keep the commandments of the Lord, pray to Him constantly to preserve you in truth and righteousness, live as you pray, and then whatever betides you the Lord will be with you and nothing will happen to you that will not be to the honor and glory of God and to your salvation and exaltation.  There will come into your hearts from the living of the pure life you pray for, a joy that will pass your powers of expression or understanding.  The Lord will be always near you; He will comfort you; you will feel His presence in the hour of your greatest tribulation; He will guard and protect you to the full extent that accords with His all-wise purpose.  Then, when the conflict is over and you return to your homes, having lived the righteous life, how great will be your happiness – whether you be of the victors or of the vanquished – that you have lived as the Lord commanded.  You will return so disciplined in righteousness that thereafter all Satan’s wiles and stratagems will leave you untouched.  Your faith and testimony will be strong beyond breaking.  You will be looked up to and revered as having passed through the fiery furnace of trial and temptation and come forth unharmed.  Your brethren will look to you for counsel, support, and guidance.  You will be the anchors to which thereafter the youth of Zion will moor their faith in man.”  (Heber J. Grant, J. Reuben Clark, Jr., and David O. McKay, Conference Report, April 1942, p. 96.)  Book of Mormon Student Manual, p. 101

“Self-defense is as justifiable where war is concerned as where one man seeks to take the life of another. . . . Righteous men are entitled, expected, and obligated to defend themselves; they must engage in battle when there is no other way to preserve their rights and freedoms and to protect their families, homes, land, and the truths of salvation which they have espoused” (Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p. 826). Book of Mormon Student Manual, p. 98

Soon after the beginning of World War II the First Presidency of the Church stated:  “In this terrible war now waging, thousands of our righteous young men in all parts of the world and in many countries are subject to a call into the military service of their own countries.  Some of these, so serving, have already been called back to their heavenly home; others will almost surely be called to follow.  But ‘behold,’ as Moroni said, the righteous of them who serve and are slain ‘do enter into the rest of the Lord their God,’ [Alma 60:13] and of them the Lord has said ‘those that die in me shall not taste of death, for it shall be sweet unto them.’  (D&C 42:46)  Their salvation and exaltation in the world to come will be secure.  That in their work of destruction they will be striking at their brethren will not be held against them.  That sin, as Moroni of old said, is to the condemnation of those who ‘sit in their places of power in a state of thoughtless stupor,’ those rulers in the world who in a frenzy of hate and lust for unrighteous power and dominion over their fellow men, have put into motion eternal forces they do not comprehend and cannot control.  God, in His own due time, will pass sentence upon them” (Heber J. Grant, J. Reuben Clark, Jr., David O. McKay, in Conference Report, April 1942, pp. 95-96). Book of Mormon Student Manual, p. 103

“It is my conviction that the present devastating scourge of war in which hundreds of thousands are being slain, many of whom are no more responsible for the causes of the war than are our own boys, is making necessary an increase of missionary activity in the spirit world and that many of our boys who bear the Holy Priesthood and are worthy to do so will be called to that missionary service after they have departed this life” (Harold B. Lee, Conference Report, Oct. 1942, p. 73). Book of Mormon Student Manual, p. 103