Quotes on Casting Pearls Before Swine

The Savior has commanded not to cast pearls before swine.  I am sorry to say that this instruction is not always sufficiently regarded by those to whom our Lord has given, through the Everlasting Covenant, His pearls of wisdom, knowledge, and precious gifts.  The consequence is, we lose blessings instead of retaining them – a decrease of the Holy Spirit follows, instead of an increase, and our minds become darkened.

What I allude to is this:  we too frequently engage in conversation concerning things of the kingdom of God, with persons of a wrong spirit; and feeling over anxious to make them see, understand, and acknowledge the light presented, we urge on, and persist in the conversation until we partake of the spirit of those with whom we are conversing.  We ought to be particularly guarded against falling into errors of this kind. The Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, p. 73