Quotes on Conscience

It is glorious when you can lie down at night with a clear conscience, knowing you have done your best not to offend anyone and have injured no man.  You have tried to cleanse your heart of all unrighteousness, and if you put forth precious effort, you can sense as you pray to God to keep you that night that he accepts your effort.  You have a sense that you are God’s child, not a mere cog of the state, but a person whose soul God wants to save.  You have the strength, the sense of resistance to evil. . . . You also have the realization that you have made the world better for having been in it.  (Gospel Ideals, 502.) — David O. McKay, “Developing Character,” Ensign, October 2001, p. 23

I would sooner have the approval of my own conscience and know that I had done my duty than to have the praise of all the world and not have the approval of my own conscience.  A man’s own conscience, when he is living as he should live, is the finest monitor and the best judge in all the world.  Men can accuse you of wrong-doing, and it has no effect at all if you know they lie and you have done that which is right. — President Heber J. Grant, Gospel Standards, p. 186