Quotes on Conversion

See also: D&C 76:51 

 When there throbs in the heart of an individual Latter-day Saint a great and vital testimony of the truth of this work, he will be found doing his duty in the Church.  He will be found in his sacrament meetings.  He will be found in his priesthood meetings.  He will be found paying his honest tithes and offerings.  He will be doing his home teaching.  He will be found in attendance at the temple as frequently as his circumstances will permit.  He will have within him a great desire to share the gospel with others.  He will be found strengthening and lifting his brethren and sisters.  It is conversion that makes the difference. — President Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, May 1984, p. 99

I was in a meeting not long ago and I asked how many were converts.  Probably 50% raised their hands.  I said, “I advise the rest of you to get converted.”. . . In the years that have passed, and they are many, I have continued to be a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and for that I thank God. — Elder Hugh B. Brown, Fireside Address, BYU, October 8, 1967

Conversion must mean more than just being a “card carrying” member of the Church with a tithing receipt, a membership card, a temple recommend, etc.   It means to overcome the tendencies to criticize and to strive continually to improve inward weaknesses and not merely outward appearances. — President Harold B. Lee, Conference Report, April 1971, p. 92