Quotes on Drugs

A young man, only 19, was dead from an accidental drug overdose.  His friends sat speechless, his family heartbroken. Neighbors longed to know how to help.

His stake president said it best:  The young man, he explained, was a casualty of war, a life lost on a silent battlefield. . . .

President Monson then issued a warning call: “Hard drugs, wrongful use of prescription drugs, alcohol, coffee, tea, and tobacco products destroy your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Any form of alcohol is harmful to your spirit and your body. Tobacco can enslave you, weaken your lungs, and shorten your life.” . . .

President Hinckley told members, in his 1989 general conference address, they cannot afford to tamper with drugs.

“Certainly you must be grateful for your bodies and your minds, the very substance of your mortal lives.  Certainly you must know that health is the most precious of assets. Certainly you recognize that, for the years that lie ahead, you will need health of body and clarity of mind if you are to live productively and with the respect of your associates.  You would not knowingly break an arm or a leg just for the fun of it.  Broken bones will mend and will function again in a normal way.  But a mind warped by drugs or a body weakened or distorted by these evil things will not be easily repaired.  The drug-induced destruction of self-worth and self-confidence is almost impossible to restore.

“To you who may be partaking, I repeat, stop immediately.  To you who at any time in the future may be tempted, I urge you to stand your ground.  Reflect on the fact that you are a child of God our Eternal Father, endowed with those faculties of body and mind which will help you to take a place that is significant in the world in which you live.  Do not throw away your future.  Do not jeopardize the well-being of your posterity.” — “Gravest Domestic Threat,” Viewpoint, Church News, November 20, 2010, p. 16