Quotes on Enoch, City of

See also: Moses 7; Genesis 11:4 

Enoch was predisposed from his infancy to accept of everything that was revealed from God. . . .

We read, from modern revelations given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, that Enoch was born in the 622d year of the world; was 25 years old when ordained under the hands of Adam, and was blessed (by God) at the age of 65.  He walked with him 365 years, making him 430 years old when he and his city were translated. . . .

He had seen the heavens opened; had gazed upon cities that were celestial; had been familiar with the gorgeousness of the heavenly mansions, and the splendor of their architecture.  Acquiring thereby a superior intelligence and that spirit of refinement and taste, which enabled him to instruct his brethren to build after the pattern of the heavenly. . . .

The form, the order and the architecture of the buildings of the City of Enoch presented to the eye a glory and splendor surpassing our sublimest conceptions of art. . . .

He accordingly spoke in what may be called an open and fluent language; more so than was commonly heard.  He occupied some minutes in the exercise of the gift.  After he had concluded, he said, “Brethren, this is the language of our father Adam while he dwelt in Eden; and the time will again come, that when the Lord brings again Zion, the Zion of Enoch, this people will then all speak the language which I have just spoken. . . .

He [Joseph Smith] declared of the Church of Enoch “that they did not die; that they had not then gone through their last changes and greatest refinement; and that they had, nevertheless, triumphed over death.  That the people, and the city, and the foundations of the earth on which it stood, had partaken of so much of the immortal elements, bestowed upon them by God through the teachings of Enoch, that it became philosophically impossible for them to remain any longer upon the earth; consequently, Enoch and his people, with the city which they occupied, and the foundations on which it stood, with a large piece of earth immediately connected with the foundations and the city, had assumed an aerial position within the limits of our solar system; and this in consequence of their faith.”

He further said, “that inasmuch as they did not pass through all the refinement which was necessary, as the Lord lives, they would return to the earth, when they and the city would pass through the same fiery ordeals that yet await the earth; when it shall be transformed into a sea of glass, mingled with fire, and their preparations for a celestial abode of the glorified Saints shall be perfected. . . . [See footnote following this quote.]          . . . modern revelation says, “This is Zion – THE PURE IN HEART.”  Who can doubt, then, that Zion is within us; a temple adorned with all the attributes of our Father in heaven.  In that view of it, the recipient thereof beholds within himself the work of his Father, and hears the voice of His Spirit; obeys all of His commandments, spiritual and temporal, without the least hesitation or mental reservation.  When this spirit is fully established in the hearts of all the Saints, then there will be no idol in the way of their progress.  One word, or command, is just as easy for them to hearken to and obey as another; and they realize the saying, “God is love; he that dwells in love dwells in God, and God in him.”  Then they have a Zion first within their hearts; a germ of an abiding inheritance upon the new earth. — Joseph Young [Brigham’s brother], “Enoch and His City,” [pamphlet] pp. 9-12

Joseph Smith said, on another occasion, in the hearing of some of the saints still surviving, that the City of Enoch would again take its place in the identical spot from which it had been detached, now forming that chasm of the earth, filled with water, called the Gulf of Mexico. — Joseph Young [Brigham’s brother], “Enoch and His City,” p. 12, footnote

The valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman will ring again – this time with the sounds of dispensational reunion, as it glows with gathering!  Those of Enoch’s utterly unique city of “one heart” will greet those of the New Zion with holy embraces and holy kisses amid the sounds of sweet sobbing!  (See Moses 7:62-63.)  The “hills shall tremble” at the presence of the lost tribes, and hearts, as well as ice, will melt, as they come “filled with songs of everlasting joy.” — Elder Neal A. Maxwell, “God Will Yet Reveal,” Ensign, November 1986, p. 52

When Moses wrote this history, he shared with us one of the most remarkable contrasts in the history of the world.  From the time of the Fall the people of the world began moving in two opposite directions. One group followed the teachings of Adam and Eve and continually strived for increasing righteousness and perfection.  The other group yielded to the deceitful enticings of Satan and his servants and moved deeper and deeper into depravity and wickedness.  Both these divergent paths were followed to their ultimate ends.  Under Enoch’s direction, a whole society became so perfect that God took it to Himself, and for the next seven hundred years those who qualified themselves were likewise translated into that remarkable City of Enoch.  The other group moved downward as surely as Enoch’s city moved upward.  Finally they reached such depths of wickedness that it was a blessing for them to be destroyed (see Reading 4-14 and 4-16 in Student Manual).

Why is this pattern of significance to you?  Because we are in a period of history when the same dramatic contrast and division is taking place. Old Testament Student Manual, p. 58

Enoch had to talk with and teach his people during a period of three hundred and sixty years, before he could get them prepared to enter into their rest, and then he obtained power to translate himself and his people, with the region they inhabited, their houses, gardens, fields, cattle and all their possessions.   (3:320) Discourses of Brigham Young, p. 162

At Evening Prayer Circle: Presidnt Yog said Joseph the Prophet told me that the garden of Eden was in Jackson Co Missouri, & when Adam was driven out of the garden of Eden He went about 40 Miles to the Place which we Named Adam Ondi Ahman. & there built an Alter of Stone & offered Sacrifise, that Alter remains to this day I saw it as Adam left it, as did many others, & through all the revolutions of the world that Alter had not been disturbed. Joseph also said that when the City of Enoch fled & was translated it was where the gulf of Mexico now is, it left that gulf a body of water. — Journal of Wilford Woodruff, March 30, 1873, Ms/f/115/CHD; Spelling as in original

Not only has much more scripture come to us through the Restoration, but as we all know, “many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God” will yet be revealed (see A of F 1:9 ).  Among those things yet to be revealed one day will be the full book of Enoch.  We have already, in the Restoration, received 18 times more than the meager data in the Bible concerning this great and prophetic figure of Enoch.  Without the Restoration, we would not even know there was a city of Enoch!

Furthermore, one day the Bible and the Book of Mormon will be joined by the witnessing words of scripture from the lost tribes of Israel (see 2 Ne. 29:13).  There will eventually be three witnesses, and we know this, again, from the revelations in the great Restoration. — Elder Neal A. Maxwell, “The Wondrous Restoration,” Ensign, April 2003, p. 30