Quotes on Foreknowledge

God is never surprised (fantasy stories to the contrary) by unexpected arrivals in the spirit world because of unforeseen deaths.  But we must always distinguish between God’s being able to foresee and His causing or desiring something to happen, a very important distinction!  God foresaw the fall of His beloved David but did not cause it. (See D&C 132:39.)  Sending for Bathsheba was David’s decision, and even her battle-weary husband Uriah’s sleeping loyally by David’s door was not enough to bring a then devious and determined David to his senses.  (2 Samuel 11:9)

By foreseeing, God can plan and His purposes can be fulfilled, but He does this in a way that does not in the least compromise our individual free agency, any more than an able meteorologist causes the weather rather than forecasts it.  Part of the reason for this is our forgetfulness of our earlier experiences and the present inaccessibility of the knowledge and understanding we achieved there.  The basic reason, of course, is that, as we decide and act, we do not know what God knows.  Our decisions are made in our context, not His. — Elder Neal A. Maxwell, All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience, pp. 18-19