Quotes on Immorality

We are lathered with soap operas in need of nothing more than soap . . . to clean themselves. — Elder Neal A. Maxwell, General Conference, April 1993

“The doctrine of this Church is that sexual sin – the illicit sexual relations of men and women – stands, in its enormity, next to murder.

“The Lord has drawn no essential distinctions between fornication, adultery, and harlotry or prostitution.  Each has fallen under His solemn and awful condemnation.

“You youths of Zion, you cannot associate in non-marital, illicit sex relationships, which is fornication, and escape the punishments and the judgments which the Lord has declared against this sin.  The day of reckoning will come just as certainly as night follows day.  They who would palliate this crime and say that such indulgence is but a sinless gratification of a normal desire, like appeasing hunger and thirst, speak filthiness with their lips.  Their counsel leads to destruction; their wisdom comes from the Father of Lies.

“You husbands and wives who have taken on solemn obligations of chastity in the holy temples of the Lord and who violate those sacred vows by illicit sexual relations with others, you not only commit the vile and loathsome sin of adultery, but you break the oath you yourselves made with the Lord Himself before you went to the altar for your sealing.  You become subject to the penalties which the Lord has prescribed for those who breach their covenants with Him” (Heber J. Grant, J. Reuben Clark, Jr., and David O. McKay, in Conference Report, Oct. 1942, p. 11). Book of Mormon Student Manual, p. 94

Today we are seriously concerned with the increasing incidence of human infection with HIV (Human Immunosuppressive Virus) and variant viruses and the associated outbreak of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).  An epidemic has been forecast – a plague fueled by a vocal few who exhibit greater concern for civil rights than for public health – a plague abetted by the immoral.  Some live in lust as though God’s commandment to be chaste was written with an asterisk, exempting them from obeying.  And regrettably, as in previous plagues, many innocent victims are doomed to suffer.  Where is wisdom? — Elder Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, November 1992, p. 8

It has been declared in the solemn word of revelation that the spirit and the body constitute the soul of man (and woman); and, therefore, we should look upon this body as something that shall endure in the resurrected state, beyond the grave, something to be kept pure and holy.  Be not afraid of soiling its hands; be not afraid of scars that may come to it, if won in earnest effort, or won in honest fight, but beware of scars that disfigure, that have come to you in places where you ought not have gone, that have befallen you in unworthy undertakings (pursued where you ought not have been); beware of the wounds of battle in which you have been fighting on the wrong side. — Elder James E. Talmage

Our sexuality has been animalized, stripped of the intricacy of feeling with which human beings have endowed it, leaving us to contemplate only the act, and to fear our impotence in it.  It is this animalization from which the sexual manuals cannot escape, even when they try to do so, because they are reflections of it.  They might [as well] be textbooks for veterinarians.  (Fairlie, Seven Deadly Sins, p. 182) –Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, BYU Devotional Address, January 12, 1988, “Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments,” p. 10

When it comes to morality, some adults believe that adherence to a single, overriding humanitarian project or principle nullifies the need to comply with the Savior’s teachings.  They say to themselves that sexual misconduct is “a small thing . . . [if I am] a kind and charitable person.”  (Ross Douthat, “Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics” (2012), 238; see also Alma 39:5.)  Such thinking is a gross self-deception.  Some young people inform me that in our current culture it is not “cool” to try too hard in many areas, including living strictly in accordance with righteous principles.  (Do not allow a culture that is filled with violence and immorality and is critical of those who live the principles the Savior taught to disturb your faith.)  Please do not fall into this trap. — Elder Quentin L. Cook, “Can Ye Feel So Now?” Ensign, November 2012

Sexual immorality and impure thoughts violate the standard established by the Savior.  (Alma 39)  We were warned at the beginning of this dispensation that sexual immorality would be perhaps the greatest challenge. (See Ezra Taft Benson, “Cleansing the Inner Vessel,” Ensign, May 1986, 4.)  Such conduct will, without repentance, cause a spiritual drought and loss of commitment.  Movies, TV, and the Internet often convey degrading messages and images.  President Dieter F. Uchtdorf and I were recently in an Amazon jungle village and observed satellite dishes even on some of the small, simply built huts. We rejoiced at the wonderful information available in this remote area.  We also recognized there is virtually no place on earth that cannot be impacted by salacious, immoral, and titillating images.  This is one reason why pornography has become such a plague in our day. — Elder Quentin L. Cook, “Can Ye Feel So Now?” Ensign, November 2012

We have divinity within ourselves; we have immortality within ourselves; our spiritual organism is immortal; it cannot be destroyed; it cannot be annihilated.  We will live from all eternity to all eternity.

It is a wonderful pleasure to speak upon the great things that God proposes to bestow upon His sons and daughters, and that we shall attain to if we are faithful. . . . Our travel in this path of exaltation will bring to us the fullness of our Lord Jesus Christ, to stand in the presence of our Father, to receive of His fullness, to have the pleasure of increasing in our posterity worlds without end, to enjoy those pleasant associations that we have had in this life, to have our sons and our daughters, our husbands and our wives, surrounded with all the enjoyment that heaven can bestow, our bodies glorified like unto the Savior’s, free from disease and all the ills of life, and free from the disappointments and vexations and the unpleasant sacrifices that we are making here.  (Millennial Star, Aug. 24, 1899, 530) 

Through a continual course of progression our Heavenly Father has received exaltation and glory and he points us out the same path and, inasmuch as he is clothed with power, authority and glory, he says, “walk ye up and come in possession of the same glory and happiness that I possess.”  (Deseret News, Oct. 21, 1857, 259)

The people of God are precious in His sight; His love for them will always endure, and in His might and strength and affection, they will triumph and be brought off more than conqueror.  They are His children, made in His image and destined through obedience to His laws to become like unto Him. . . .

. . . This is the high destiny of the sons of God, they who overcome, who are obedient to His commandments, who purify themselves even as He is pure.  They are to become like Him; they will see Him as He is; they will behold His face and reign with Him in His glory, becoming like unto Him in every particular.  (Deseret Semi-Weekly News, Oct. 4, 1898, 1) Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 5, pp. 84-86