Quotes on Joint Heirs

See also: Isaiah 15:12 

As the literal and faithful Son of God, Jesus inherits all that the Father has to give (see John 16:15).  If we accept the Atonement of Christ and live worthy lives, we may become “joint-heirs” with Christ (Romans 8:17).  Elder McConkie defined the term joint heir as follows:

“A joint-heir is one who inherits equally with all other heirs including the Chief Heir who is the Son.  Each joint-heir has an equal and an undivided portion of the whole of everything.  If one knows all things, so do all others.  If one has all power, so do all those who inherit jointly with him.  If the universe belongs to one, so it does equally to the total of all upon whom the joint inheritances are bestowed.

“Joint-heirs are possessors of all things. (D&C 50:26–28)  All things are theirs for they have exaltation.  (D&C 76:50–60)  They are made ‘equal’ with their Lord.  (D&C 88:107)  They gain all power both in heaven and on earth and receive the fulness of the

Father, and all knowledge and truth are theirs. (D&C 93:15–30) They are gods. (D&C 132:20)”  (Mormon Doctrine, p. 395) Old Testament Student Manual, 1 Kings – Malachi, p. 199