Quotes on Joy

A major point about joy is that joy is obviously of a higher order than mere pleasure.  Pleasure is perishable.  Mere pleasure is not lasting because it is constantly feeding on itself.  Thus the appetites of the natural man, though frequently fed, are never filled.  The same pattern prevails with regard to the praise of men, to lust, and to greed.  Strange as it seems, so far as the carnal pleasures are concerned, the very act of their consumption insures the cancellation of their satisfactions.  They just do not last!

Joy on the other hand, is lasting.  It involves the things that really matter, such as being forgiven and forgiving another.  One true test of ultimate value has to do with whether or not something is lasting.  This criterion is not one to which the things of the flesh can successfully respond. — Elder Neal A. Maxwell, “Brim with Joy,” BYU Devotional, January 23, 1996

Strive to be righteous, not for any speculation, but because righteousness is lovely, pure, holy, beautiful, and exalting; it is designed to make the soul happy and full of joy – to the extent of the whole capacity of man, filling him with light, glory, and intelligence. — Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, 8:172