Quotes on Life After Death

Life does not begin with birth, nor does it end with death.  Prior to our birth, we dwelled as spirit children with our Father in Heaven.  There we eagerly anticipated the possibility of coming to earth and obtaining a physical body.  Knowingly we wanted the risks of mortality, which would allow the exercise of agency and accountability. . . . But we regarded the returning home as the best part of that long-awaited trip, just as we do now.  Before embarking on any journey, we like to have some assurance of a round-trip ticket.  Returning from earth to life in our heavenly home requires passage through – and not around – the doors of death.  We were born to die, and we die to live.  As seedlings of God, we barely blossom on earth; we fully flower in heaven. — Elder Russell M. Nelson, “Doors of Death,” Ensign, May 1992

One of the greatest evidences to me of the divinity of this work is that it teaches there is eternal life on the other side, and that there will be a reunion there of the loved ones who have known each other here. . . . The few years that we live here may be regarded as a time in which we become acquainted, but, when we mingle in the other life, we will know each other better than we have here. — President George Albert Smith, Conference Report, October 1905, p. 30