Quotes on Memory

May I say to you that in reality a man cannot forget anything?  He may have a lapse of memory; he may not be able to recall at the moment a thing that he knows, or words that he has spoken; he may not have the power at his will to call up these events and words; but let God Almighty touch the mainspring of the memory, and awaken recollection, and you will find then that you have not even forgotten a single idle word that you have spoken!  I believe the word of God to be true, and, therefore, I warn the youth of Zion, as well as those who are advanced in years, to beware of saying wicked things, of speaking evil, and taking in vain the name of sacred things and sacred beings.  Guard your words, that you may not offend even man, much less offend God.”  [See Alma 11:43; 12:14; 2 Nephi 9:14.] — President Joseph F. Smith, Improvement Era, May 1903; Book of Mormon Student Manual, p. 76

Rebecca [Bean] lived alone for 27 years after the death of her husband.  She was always quick to emphasize that even though she lived alone, she was never lonely.  She said:

“My days and nights in the sunset of my life are sweet and peaceful and filled with golden memories.  I have such love for all the missionaries I have known.  I was ‘mom’ to thousands of missionaries, and I could never live long enough to thank my Father in Heaven for all the blessings that I have had in my life and that are mine today.” — From Vicki Bean Topliff, Willard Bean, the Fighting Parson, p. 106