Quotes on Peter

See also: Matthew 26:69-75; Luke 22:34

My heart goes out to Peter.  So many of us are so much like him.  We pledge our loyalty; we affirm our determination to be of good courage; we declare, sometimes even publicly, that come what may we will do the right thing, that we will stand for the right cause, that we will be true to ourselves and to others.

Then the pressures begin to build.  Sometimes these are social pressures.  Sometimes they are personal appetites.  Sometimes they are false ambitions.  There is a weakening of the will.  There is a softening of discipline.  There is capitulation.  And then there is remorse, followed by self-accusation and bitter tears of regret. . . .

. . . If there be those throughout the Church who by word or act have denied the faith, I pray that you may draw comfort and resolution from the example of Peter, who, though he had walked daily with Jesus, in an hour of extremity momentarily denied the Lord and also the testimony which he carried in his own heart.  But he rose above this and became a mighty defender and a powerful advocate.  So, too, there is a way for any person to turn about and add his or her strength and faith to the strength and faith of others in building the kingdom of God.” — President Gordon B. Hinckley, “And Peter Went Out and Wept Bitterly,” Ensign, March 1995, pp. 2-4, 6