Quotes on Punishment

See also: D&C 19:12

The Lord has promised you and me, if we disobey and don’t repent, eternal punishment – endless punishment – hasn’t he?  A little later on in the scriptures he explains what that means.  It is not duration of time.  It is the kind of punishment, “Endless is my name, Eternal is my name,” and therefore my punishments are endless and eternal.  They are my punishment, my kind of punishment, not my length of punishment.  — Elder S. Dilworth Young, “The Key to Faith,” BYU Devotional, July 1, 1969, p. 10

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints regards the question of whether and in what circumstances the state should impose capital punishment as a matter to be decided solely by the prescribed processes of civil law. We neither promote nor oppose capital punishment. mormonnewsroom.org, Official Statement on Capital Punishment


The Savior satisfied the demands of justice when He stood in our place and suffered the penalty for our sins. Because of this selfless act, the Father can mercifully withholdpunishment from us and welcome us into His presence.  lds.org topic page “Mercy”

But it isn’t only physical punishment that comes from departing from the laws of life, but also mental and spiritual punishment, and the anguish of the soul inside. As Juvenal said: “The worst punishment of all is that in the court of his own conscience no guilty man is acquitted.” Richard L. Evans, “Where Are You Really Going?” General Conference, April 1971