Quotes on Standards

Some parents may think they are keeping a safe enough distance from inappropriate entertainment, rationalizing our involvement by saying that “just a little won’t hurt” or “it only has one bad part.” Standards will deteriorate if parents subject themselves to these influences.

Late one afternoon my husband and I stood watching the sunset on a beautiful beach, leaving our shelter and chairs far enough up on the sand to protect our belongings—or so we thought. We were taken by surprise when a huge wave suddenly washed up, covering our snacks, traveler’s checks, camera, and film. In the same way, while the tide of evil continues to rise higher and higher, we often pitch our tents upon the sandy shores of the world, assuming we are on safe ground. Our homes may unexpectedly be flooded with a deluge of evil if we do not carefully evaluate where we stand as parents. Carla Dalton, “Setting Family Standards for Entertainment,” Ensign, June 2001

As you seek to be a friend to others, do not compromise your standards. If your friends urge you to do things that are wrong, be the one to stand for the right, even if you stand alone. You may need to find other friends who will support you in keeping the commandments. Seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost as you make these choices. “For the Strength of Youth,” Booklet, Friends Section

We are very careful to set standards of worthiness so that when a man is prepared for the priesthood he must give up a lot of things that other men enjoy in life, and every one of them is a protection for him and his family. The Word of Wisdom was given at a time when the dangers of tea and coffee, liquor and tobacco, and all those things were not known. And yet the early brethren, bowing to what the Prophet said, would obediently accept the fact that there are standards if you are going to be ordained into the priesthood. And that is a great thing for a father, a husband, to live the gospel and teach it by example. President Boyd K. Packer, “Priesthood Power in the Home,” Worldwide Leadership Training Broadcast, January 2012