Quotes on Today

Many years ago I clipped an article out of a newspaper.  It tells about an elevator boy who was whistling a merry tune on his way up on the elevator one morning.  “Why so happy?” a grim-faced, scowling rider asked him.

The boy replied, “I’ve never lived this day before.”

The writer of the article comments:  “This boy was wiser than his years.  The only life we can live is today.  Yesterday is behind us.  However golden the hours, they cannot be lived again, but only remembered.  Tomorrow is before us, and however sweet its expectations, the clock must take its patient course before we can test our hope against reality.  We cannot live more than one day at a time.”  (Roy Pearson, Words to Live By.) — Elder George I. Cannon, Ensign, November 1991, p. 13

Elder Richard L. Evans shared this meaningful thought in “The Spoken Word”:  “It sometimes seems that we live as if we wonder when life is going to begin.  It isn’t always clear just what we are waiting for, but some of us sometimes persist in waiting so long that life slips by – finding us still waiting for something that has been going on all the time. . . . This is the life in which the work of this life is to be done.  Today is as much a part of eternity as any day a thousand years ago or as will be any day a thousand years hence.  This is it, whether we are thrilled or disappointed, busy or bored!  This is life, and it is passing.”  (Improvement Era, Jan. 1967, p. 65.) — Elder George I. Cannon, Ensign, November 1991, p. 13