Quotes on Wives

See also: Abraham 2:22-25  

How should those who bear the priesthood treat their wives and the other women in their family?  Our wives need to be cherished.  They need to hear their husbands call them blessed, and the children need to hear their fathers generously praise their mothers (see Prov. 31:28).  The Lord values his daughters just as much as he does his sons.  In marriage, neither is superior; each has a different primary and divine responsibility.  Chief among these different responsibilities for wives is the calling of motherhood.  I firmly believe that our dear faithful sisters enjoy a special spiritual enrichment which is inherent in their natures. — President James E. Faust, “Keeping Covenants and Honoring the Priesthood,” Ensign, November 1993, p. 36

To you wives and mothers who work to maintain stable homes where there is an environment of love and respect and appreciation I say, the Lord bless you.  Regardless of your circumstances, walk with faith. Rear your children in light and truth.  Teach them to pray while they are young.  Read to them from the scriptures even though they may not understand all that you read.  Teach them to pay their tithes and offerings on the first money they ever receive.  Let this practice become a habit in their lives.  Teach your sons to honor womanhood.  Teach your daughters to walk in virtue.  Accept responsibility in the Church, and trust in the Lord to make you equal to any call you may receive.  Your example will set a pattern for your children. Reach out in love to those in distress and need. — President Gordon B. Hinckley, “Stand Strong against the Wiles of the World,” Ensign, November 1995, p. 99


The Prophet Joseph Smith taught wives that they should treat their husbands “with mildness and affection.  When a man is borne down with trouble, when he is perplexed with care and difficulty, if he can meet a smile instead of an argument or a murmur – if he can meet with mildness, it will calm down his soul and soothe his feelings” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, sel. Joseph Fielding Smith [1976], 228).

The Prophet taught husbands, “It is the duty of a husband to love, cherish, and nourish his wife, and cleave unto her and none else; he ought to honor her as himself, and he ought to regard her feelings with tenderness” (Elders’ Journal, Aug. 1838, 61). Gospel Doctrine Sunday School Lesson Manual, Lesson 10, 2013

We will treat our wives right.  He is a mean man who would abuse a woman. . . . Have you not made covenants with your wives for time and eternity?  Yes, you have. Would you not like, when you get through, to be able to say, Mary, Jane, Ann, or whatever the name may be, I never injured you in my life.  And if you are wives, would you not like to be able to say, Thomas, or William, I never injured you in all my life.  And, then, to spend an eternity together hereafter. Teachings of Presidents of the Church: John Taylor, p. 196