Quotes on Worthiness

It occurs to me that there are probably hundreds or even thousands who do not understand what worthiness is. Worthiness is a process, and perfection is an eternal trek. We can be worthy to enjoy certain privileges without being perfect. — Elder Marvin J. Ashton, General Conference, April 1989

We give our hopes, our time, our talent, our thoughts, our words, our actions, to the temporalities of life, and once in a while, we think of God.  We come before him in that pitiful form of unworthiness to crave his blessings and his favors.  Do you wonder that we are often denied that which we ask for, and fail to receive that which we desire?  It is because we do not ask aright.  When we approach God in this way, we are not in a condition to ask aright, nor are we in a condition to receive that which we ask for, for God is not likely to bestow upon his children gifts and blessings of which they are not worthy. — President Joseph F. Smith, Conference Report, October 1913, p. 7